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A United EU Can Address Shared Problems – Continued

dimanche, janvier 24th, 2016

Discussion of « Only a united European Union may successfully address its shared problems » is continued  in this guest blog posting on a personal basis,  by Erika Angelidi, the Conservatives Abroad Representative in Greece.

It is not to be doubted that the roots of the issue of immigration lie in impoverishment and life’s conditions, that are climaxing in the countries facing the problem of the almost obligatory flight of their inhabitants. These countries could, perhaps, undertake, in coordination with the UN, a project that may relieve and support their inhabitants. Should such projects have been implemented in source countries sooner, there would have been a notable improvement of life conditions for the natives, and the inflow of immigrants into the European Continent would have been moderate in comparison.

There only remains a single question to be answered before: Is a constructive cooperation among all countries involved feasible? This is the only premise in order for decent life conditions and security for all (immigrants or non immigrants) to be achieved.

While we think these simple words ?humane and decent life conditions and security for all?, what comes to mind? Though the answer ought to be self-understood by all, to many it is not, thus the phenomena of social turbulence leading to immigration are to be observed.

Let us revisit these very great and simple words to define their meaning: ?humane life conditions and security?…If we were to ask a group of people in various places worldwide about the way they perceive these words, we are bound to receive different, if not contradictory, responses..

As a Physicist, I would like to suggest the adoption of a « common frame of reference » (Physics) or in other words a common point of reference and then these differences would bear only nuances at most. What is this noteworthy point of reference then? None other than our democratic institutions and our common, unquestionable humanity.

This would be the safest way toward the creation of societies respecting the factors ?individual?, ?person?, ?human being?. As citizens of the European Union we bear an abounding legacy that can prove to be indispensable in facing the challenge of the current immigration; we may become main actors in an effort to reach a broader espousal of democracy and human rights in areas of the world where these are yet not solidified.

It is a heartfelt wish that a common multinational effort may be undertaken, in the noble ambition to support source countries and allow inhabitants, who wish to, to start their lives anew. Such a new beginning ought to be characterised by the espousal of democratic values and a dowry of our deeply felt, shared humanity.

Erika Angelidi
Conservatives Abroad,

EU Referendum Round-Up, January 2016 – Matthew Goodwin

vendredi, janvier 22nd, 2016

Here’s the latest round-Up of research on Britain’s EU Referendum by Matthew Goodwin, Professor of Politics, University of Kent & Visiting Fellow Chatham House.

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