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Je Suis Charlie – Agathe Cayuela

mardi, janvier 13th, 2015

Agathe Cayuela as a young BCiP member posted in 2012 a tribute on our website to the Jewish school children murdered in Toulouse and has again been very moved by the massacre at Charlie Hebdo.

« The Unbearable lightness of being »

« The Unbearable lightness of being »

That?s the very consequence.
Life, stronger and deeper.
Life beating death.
I?ve seen people gathering from everywhere,
I?ve seen people holding hands,
I?ve seen strangers crying together.
I do believe that the very first vocation of an artist is to make beautiful things.
I want to thank all those who died. Yet to the very end, and long after their death, they will have created beautiful things.
This national movement, this calmness beating despair, this light shining in the dark, is in fact deeply human. It is the movement of humanity.
Now, let us be clear : extremism may not disappear – and shall take away many other people.
But things are different now.
We do have this strength.
And this is huge.
We have the power to give back mankind its dignity – and I believe that it is the real meaning of the slogan « I am Charlie » – yes, we are all Charlie, and as a matter of fact, we have decided to build up the greatest work of art ever.
There is no such thing as destiny or fate.
Every act of compassion makes a difference.
You can make a difference.
From now on, be artists, be the creators of beautiful things.

Agathe Cayuela
« In light of the recent events in Paris, I felt the urge to write about it, just like I did three years ago following the Toulouse shootings of school children in 2012.
The drawing is from me too. »

EU Myths

vendredi, janvier 9th, 2015

Here’s a provocative article from Daniel Hannan MEP questioning nine myths about the EU, including securing peace in Europe, World’s largest free trade market, boosts competition, underpins democracy, force for good, necessary for countries to work together, increases prosperity, provides collective clout and high- water mark of federalism.

Future e-voting in the UK?

jeudi, janvier 1st, 2015

The article below by Leala Padmanabhan on the BBC News Politics website, questions whether e-voting is on its way in the UK:

« Another argument in favour stems from voter disengagement and low turnout in many democracies around the world, including the UK, where nearly 16 million people did not vote at the last election. E-voting encourages participation, say campaigners, especially among young people.
« There’s a fantastic head of steam now behind this issue, » says Graham Allen, the Labour MP who chairs the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee.
In a report on voter engagement published last month , the committee recommended that the government should run online voting pilots in the next parliament « with a view to all electors having the choice of voting online at the 2020 general election ».

« I couldn’t have got my committee to agree to recommend online voting a year ago but people realise our democracy is broken and we have to find radical ways to fix it, » Mr Allen said. »

With up to three million young people not having decided how to vote in next year’s general election, according to a think tank, the Conservative party as a first step needs to use the internet and social media more effectively.