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Samantha Cameron

lundi, mars 29th, 2010

The accent of Samantha Cameron during her recent interview with Sir Trevor McDonald on British television attracted some comment. With Old Etonian Sir Reginald Sheffield as her father in the family home Normanby Hall, a 3000 acre estate in Lincolnshire, and her mother now married to Old Etonian Viscount Astor, a former minister in the government of John Major, Samantha was expected to have a so-called posh, cut-glass accent. Instead she sounds more in tune with the more egalitarian culture of today, her accent moulded during her education at Marlborough College, followed by Camberwell College of Art and a BA in Fine Art from Bristol Polytechnic. In the more class-conscious past, it was felt that people who were aspirational should change their accents to fit in with their betters and get a good job. The wife of David Cameron is, therefore, a credit to the new Conservative party but then, she is also said to be descended from Nell Gwyn, mistress of Charles II, and her great great great great great great great great- grandmother!