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Je Suis Charlie – Agathe Cayuela

mardi, janvier 13th, 2015

Agathe Cayuela as a young BCiP member posted in 2012 a tribute on our website to the Jewish school children murdered in Toulouse and has again been very moved by the massacre at Charlie Hebdo.

« The Unbearable lightness of being »

« The Unbearable lightness of being »

That?s the very consequence.
Life, stronger and deeper.
Life beating death.
I?ve seen people gathering from everywhere,
I?ve seen people holding hands,
I?ve seen strangers crying together.
I do believe that the very first vocation of an artist is to make beautiful things.
I want to thank all those who died. Yet to the very end, and long after their death, they will have created beautiful things.
This national movement, this calmness beating despair, this light shining in the dark, is in fact deeply human. It is the movement of humanity.
Now, let us be clear : extremism may not disappear – and shall take away many other people.
But things are different now.
We do have this strength.
And this is huge.
We have the power to give back mankind its dignity – and I believe that it is the real meaning of the slogan « I am Charlie » – yes, we are all Charlie, and as a matter of fact, we have decided to build up the greatest work of art ever.
There is no such thing as destiny or fate.
Every act of compassion makes a difference.
You can make a difference.
From now on, be artists, be the creators of beautiful things.

Agathe Cayuela
« In light of the recent events in Paris, I felt the urge to write about it, just like I did three years ago following the Toulouse shootings of school children in 2012.
The drawing is from me too. »

A Toulouse Tribute

lundi, mars 26th, 2012


We are facing a really terrible loss.
I am not only talking as a French person who lives right by Toulouse, nor as a member of the British Conservative Party.
Although I am all of these.
I believe the horror of the tragedy is beyond any nationality or any religion.
I believe words will never be enough to express the emptiness they raised when they left us.
Therefore, I think you have the right to know how they died.
Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, Aryeh Sandler, Gabriel Sandler and Miryam Monsego were cowardly murdered.
Their only crime was to be Jewish.
The pain that we all feel shall remind us that though we may come from different countries and speak different languages, our hearts beat as one.
Remember that, and those persons will not have died in vain.
Remember that, and love would have triumphed.

Agathe Cayuela
One of our youngest members.