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UK and Europe: Securing the Common Future

jeudi, mars 17th, 2016

Continuing our guest blog postings by Erika Angelidi, the Conservatives Abroad Representative in Greece, her latest contribution on a personal basis below, follows on from her previous discussion of the critical issue of Brexit or not for the United Kingdom (Great Britain: EU or Brexit?).

United Kingdom and Europe: Securing the Common Future

Prime Minister Cameron?s successful ?unanimous agreement? concerning ?special status? for Great Britain within the European Union has marked an unprecedented state of clarity for EU and GB relations. This agreement solidifies the future presence of GB within bounds of the EU, as well as terms of cooperation on many levels and sectors. This development is to be taken under consideration by British voters in view of the upcoming membership referendum as to the important advantages that the above mentioned agreement entails.

One of the most important advantages that GB may ensure by remaining a member of the EU is apparently financial stability. In case of its exit, the damages would be severe. It is most certain, that job posts would be obliterated, while important manufacturers, as Nissan and Ford, would be to depart, as other investors who are currently enjoying EU privileges. Likewise, unpredictable developments would also arise in the area of commerce and would negatively affect the price of the sterling. Undoubtedly, difficulty in accessing the European market would also come forth. Everyday life for British citizens living in GB and abroad would be rendered most difficult.

Aside from these, one should think that Great Britain has traditionally been a primary actor in the international political life. A potential ?Brexit? would diminish its role on the global setting, with negative impact in the country?s international political standing.

These are but some of the potential results in case of a « Brexit ». It is, thus, more than obvious that should Great Britain exiting the European Union materialise, the outcome would be unforeseen in all its expanse. Meanwhile, these who are for a potential « Brexit » fail to offer persuasive counter- arguments as to the matters stated above.

Should British voters reflect on this potential negative impact keeping in mind recent agreement developments, Great Britain?s enduring and prosperous stay in the European Union would be secured!