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Chancellors` Debate

mercredi, mars 31st, 2010

The Channel 4 Ask the Chancellors debate last Monday evening was an exercise in popular democracy which seemed rather artificial and staged, with initially none of the three would-be Chancellors seemingly at ease. However, nobody lost and George Osborne for the Conservatives enhanced his reputation in showing he could think on his feet under pressure from two experienced political operators. The studio audience responded to the more pugnacious and entertaining style of Vince Cable (the smaller Liberal Democrat purposely positioned between Alistair Darling for Labour and George Osborne), throwing out good sound-bites such as fictional efficiency savings to offset the National Insurance cut of the Conservatives or citing pin-striped Scargills holding the Country to ransom, in reference to City bankers threatening to leave due to higher taxes. Alistair Darling as the Labour Government incumbent had a certain gravitas about him but the audience also appreciated his quip of we are all for cross party cooperation, George, in answer to the charge that the Conservatives had forced Labour to withdraw the so-called death tax of 10% for the care of the elderly. Questions and issues addressed included the £167 billion deficit & associated cuts required, priorities, social care for the elderly, new taxes for middle incomes, tax rises resulting in a brain drain, trust in future judgement, guarantees on future jobs/house purchases for current students and cuts mean less public sector jobs. A more detailed summary of the debated responses can be found under Pages/Chancellors debate 28/03 in the far right hand column.