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New Year Greetings for 2018 from Erika Angelidi.

vendredi, janvier 5th, 2018

From Erika Angelidi, the Conservatives Abroad Representative in Greece:

« My warmest wishes for health and happiness in the New Year. The New Year will undoubtedly be critical for the [Brexit] negotiations between the U.K. and the E.U.; we all wish that they shall be fruitful. May the New Year come with success!?

Best wishes

Erika Angelidi
Conservatives Abroad Representative,

Life in Greece today

mercredi, mai 17th, 2017

Erika Angelidi, the Conservatives Abroad Representative in Greece, presents her own views on life for the Greek people today, as a new page opens below on the continuing Greek debt saga:

On the 22nd of May, 2017 a new page in the ongoing development of the Greek debt issue will be written. The Institutions are to present a Compliance Report to the Eurogroup. The new « Agreement » reads terms such as further cuts in salaries and pensions, more taxes, legalisation of collective dismissals, the abolition of Sunday as the day of rest and last, but not least, the privatisation of principal public sector companies.

Please, allow me to present my own views of life in Greece under 3 Memoranda.

As the Institutions and Governments pushed forward with more lay-offs, taxes, severed pensions and salaries, life changed dramatically as one may expect in times of crisis. Purchasing power that would fuel the national market and innovation plunged and with it living quality for large masses.

Furthermore, the neediest members of the Greek society have been marginalised and the healthcare system, which is public, experiencing serious problems with shortage in staff, and material.

In addition, sacrifices were made by the Greek people in promise of better days and for the common good. Yet, as the austerity deepens who is to tell why these days have never come over for many years now. What has gone amiss?

The market will move, I believe, with a reduction of taxes on taxes, investments in sectors that are unique opportunities in this country. This will see the market move upwards.

I wish to plead from the bottom of my heart that viable solutions will be given for the national debt. Even more, that policies will be proposed that will see beyond numbers to the human souls, who live with the conditions as have come to be. Great solutions stem from brave attempts to betterment as global history teaches us!

May solutions be found that this Country vastly rich in culture, history, and human warmth see better and brighter days!?

Erika Angelidi
Conservatives Abroad Representative Greece,

End of Year Message on Brexit from Erika Angelidi

samedi, décembre 10th, 2016

In an end of year message Erika Angelidi, the Conservatives Abroad Representative in Greece, looks forwards positively to developments in the UK’s negotiations with the EU:

Without a doubt, the Year that will soon be left behind brought with it numerous important events, some even stirring as the municipal elections and the referendum!

We all await for new developments regarding the negotiations of the UK with the EU. It is most certain that in the upcoming year the air will clear around the relations of the UK and the EU, especially by the entry into force of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which provides for the withdrawal of a member state from the EU.

We wish for fruitful negotiations in all areas, matters such as the freedom of movement of people and goods and the funding of the education and healthcare system(s) being of paramount importance.

Erika Angelidi
Conservatives Abroad Representative Greece,

Brexit Negotiations – Erika Angelidi

vendredi, octobre 7th, 2016

In our guest blog posting below Erika Angelidi, the Conservatives Abroad Representative in Greece, continues her reflections on Brexit:

It is certain that in this week’s Conservative Party Conference, many questions were addressed and now the big issue is the process of the negotiations between the UK and the EU. I hope that next year in the Conference, everyone will be satisfied with the continuing negotiations!

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, the British Conservatives in Paris, as they give me the opportunity to express my personal views in various matters.

Erika Angelidi
Conservative Abroad Representative Greece,

Brexit and Science – Erika Angelidi

mardi, septembre 13th, 2016

In our guest blog posting below Erika Angelidi, the Conservatives Abroad Representative in Greece, expresses her thoughts about Brexit as a physics graduate:

The UK is a pioneer in science. Everyone who has studied physics and other sciences in the UK has received a great education and has acquired important skills.

Please, therefore, allow me to offer some thoughts on the matter of UK?s exit from the EU, as we anxiously wait to see how the negotiations between the UK and the EU evolve and what the post exit period will bring.

In the fields of science and research, the concern has been voiced that with the exit of the country from the EU, the funding for science will cease. This will inevitably influence the scientific research in the country. This naturally leads to further concern and needs to be answered as clearly and as soon as possibly.

It is a wish of all physicists and the entire scientific community, as well as society as a whole, that a satisfactory solution will be found in the matter of funding and research in order to secure this important area.

In my view, research is quite simply necessary for life.

Erika Angelidi,
Conservatives Abroad Representative Greece,

Some Thoughts Post Brexit – Erika Angelidi

samedi, juillet 23rd, 2016

In our guest blog posting below by Erika Angelidi, the Conservatives Abroad Representative in Greece, her latest personal contribution continues her previous discussions on the critical issue of Brexit, including now the new « Post Brexit » Prime Minister Theresa May:

Since Theresa May became the new leader of the Conservative Party and thus our new Prime Minister, the UK and the Conservatives have taken one more step forward in their respective and common history. Mrs May finds herself in a most challenging position: she is not only to lead one of the most historic Parties in the UK, she will also be the one to shoulder the responsibility of ensuring the unity of the nation while realizing the British people?s decision to exit the EU.

It is certain that her capabilities, her education, as well as her political experience bring great hope for the success of such an endeavour. These are times that more than ever demand unity and solidarity. All should be supportive of her and our common future.

Difficult negotiations with the EU are to ensue: the United Kingdom will exit the EU, but will continue to play a key role in European and world politics.

It is certain that Brexit will cause much controversy in the future. Citizens of all professions within and outside of the UK will protest at leaving the EU. The balance is fragile, and exiting the EU will be a delicate process.

We wait with interest to see how the negotiations with the EU will play out and how long they will take. This is another key point to be taken into consideration, as an extended negotiation period raises the question of prolonged uncertainty. This will put a strain on sterling for instance.

And yet the new page in European and British history is being written, and we are sure that the United Kingdom will continue to have a key role.

Erika Angelidi,
Conservatives Abroad Representative Greece,

A United EU Can Address Shared Problems – Continued

dimanche, janvier 24th, 2016

Discussion of « Only a united European Union may successfully address its shared problems » is continued  in this guest blog posting on a personal basis,  by Erika Angelidi, the Conservatives Abroad Representative in Greece.

It is not to be doubted that the roots of the issue of immigration lie in impoverishment and life’s conditions, that are climaxing in the countries facing the problem of the almost obligatory flight of their inhabitants. These countries could, perhaps, undertake, in coordination with the UN, a project that may relieve and support their inhabitants. Should such projects have been implemented in source countries sooner, there would have been a notable improvement of life conditions for the natives, and the inflow of immigrants into the European Continent would have been moderate in comparison.

There only remains a single question to be answered before: Is a constructive cooperation among all countries involved feasible? This is the only premise in order for decent life conditions and security for all (immigrants or non immigrants) to be achieved.

While we think these simple words ?humane and decent life conditions and security for all?, what comes to mind? Though the answer ought to be self-understood by all, to many it is not, thus the phenomena of social turbulence leading to immigration are to be observed.

Let us revisit these very great and simple words to define their meaning: ?humane life conditions and security?…If we were to ask a group of people in various places worldwide about the way they perceive these words, we are bound to receive different, if not contradictory, responses..

As a Physicist, I would like to suggest the adoption of a « common frame of reference » (Physics) or in other words a common point of reference and then these differences would bear only nuances at most. What is this noteworthy point of reference then? None other than our democratic institutions and our common, unquestionable humanity.

This would be the safest way toward the creation of societies respecting the factors ?individual?, ?person?, ?human being?. As citizens of the European Union we bear an abounding legacy that can prove to be indispensable in facing the challenge of the current immigration; we may become main actors in an effort to reach a broader espousal of democracy and human rights in areas of the world where these are yet not solidified.

It is a heartfelt wish that a common multinational effort may be undertaken, in the noble ambition to support source countries and allow inhabitants, who wish to, to start their lives anew. Such a new beginning ought to be characterised by the espousal of democratic values and a dowry of our deeply felt, shared humanity.

Erika Angelidi
Conservatives Abroad,

A United EU Can Address Shared Problems

jeudi, décembre 17th, 2015

Our guest blog post today is from Erika Angelidi, the Conservatives Abroad Representative in Greece, and represents her personal point of view.

« Only a united European Union may successfully address its shared problems »
I begin with this phrase as I believe that this thought is no less than the cornerstone in debating and solving all of the ?ld continent?s issues?

During the last months a relatively new issue has arisen: it is the massive illegal entry of paperless immigrants from Syria (and other countries currently at war in the Middle East) into the EU mostly through the Greek borders. Unfortunately, along with people stricken by such great misfortune, there has been an inflow of criminal elements, as has been recently proven. The gist of addressing this problem lies in the decisive help stemming from common EU efforts regarding the safeguarding and adequate patrolling of the Greek sea borders. One may not forget that the Greek borders are the European Union?s borders to the East.

Due to the current financial situation, it may be noted that Greece has not adequate means to deal with such a massive phenomenon by safeguarding its borders. In addition to this, the problem also lies in creating data bases with the incoming immigrants, their origin and goal country in order to capture the true dimensions of the existing situation. To this end, and to being able to monitor fake passports or other legal documents, high-tech equipment and special training is required. Another idea that has been presented is to offer motivation to those contemplating immigration, either in their own countries or even other, financially robust Arabic countries, where the adaptation would be much quicker and efficient due to the common culture, religion, language and customs.

This is an issue that will be on top of the European agenda for a long time to come. Politicians need to make appropriate and correct long-term decisions in order to establish a somewhat lost sentiment of security and peace with regards to the average citizen. At the same time, decent and sanitary life conditions ought to be secured for immigrants in the receiving countries. Lastly, it is to be noted that we ought not to forget that the nature of this issue is political and economical and that for answers and solutions we must go to its very root?. (to be continued)

Erika Angelidi

Conservatives Abroad Representative, Greece