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Great Britain: EU or Brexit?

samedi, février 13th, 2016

Continuing our guest blog postings by Erika Angelidi, the Conservatives Abroad Representative in Greece, her latest contribution on a personal basis below, addresses the critical issue of Brexit or not for the United Kingdom.

Great Britain: EU or Brexit?

Great Britain, throughout its long history, has been an important actor on the European and world stages. It taught the world political culture, led the way in commerce, and made advances in science, culture and humanitarianism.

Very soon all its citizens will be called to redefine the UK?s status as part of the EU. The upcoming referendum will judge, not only Great Britain?s future, but also the future of the entire EU.

Those who stand for Great Britain remaining in the EU emphasise that this will be beneficent in many sectors, such as free trade, labour, investment and foreign affairs. They argue that a potential exit would deal a huge financial blow to the nation?s economy and bring growing isolation from the other European States.

On the other hand, those who favour Brexit argue that in leaving the EU Great Britain would be able to flourish even more with fewer restrictions on its economy and its sovereignty.

Undoubtedly, one needs to view this matter in a more global perspective and take other EU member states? reactions into consideration when arguing these views. Very recently, the country set clear conditions for remaining within Europe:

1. Great Britain must never become part of a European super-state.

2. Member states will treat Sterling in a fair way.

3. Promotion of national autonomy by a parliamentary right to block unwanted EU laws (A ?red card system?).

4. Changing the conditions under which welfare benefits are provided to EU migrants.

5. Ensuring that the on-going EU financial crisis will not burden British tax payers.

These are fundamental to guarantee the UK?s continuing presence within the EU. If the European member states weigh up the great contribution of Great Britain to the EU, and the great significance of its remaining a part of the Union, then the above mentioned conditions should indeed be met, and British citizens would vote for remaining in the EU, bearing in mind that these fundamental issues would be secured.

Let us wait for developments and wish that the outcome of this referendum will be what is most beneficent for the country.

Erika Angelidi
Conservatives Abroad Representative,

YourVoteMatters #EUreferendum

samedi, février 6th, 2016

The British Embassy in Paris is supporting the Electoral Commission?s Overseas Voter Registration Day (#OVRD), a special day of activity designed to encourage British expatriates in France and around the world to register to vote ahead of the referendum on the UK?s membership of the EU.

A referendum on the EU is due to take place before the end of 2017. As the Prime Minister has said this will be ?the most important decision the British people will have to take at the ballot box in our lifetimes?.

With the exact date still to be decided, the British Embassy in Paris is encouraging British expatriates in France to register as soon as possible. There are approximately half a million Brits living in France, many of whom are eligible to vote, and it is important that your voices are heard in the forthcoming EU referendum.

To register, you must have been registered to vote before you left the UK and have lived abroad for less than 15 years. It really only takes five minutes (the time it takes to boil an egg or to eat a croissant) and can be done online now at YourVoteMatters #EUreferendum

While today is not the only day British expatriates can register, it is an ideal moment for you to raise awareness of #OVRD among other Brits and to encourage them to register.

If you?re a Brit in France – #YourVoteMatters! So don?t forget to register to vote.