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There are a lot of subjects that have already been discussed within our internal Study Groups starting with that on the British Constitution and moving on through Britain and its position in the EU, the current Financial Crisis, future sources of Energy and the political situation in Russia. There is also the question of British expatriate voting rights and some of these issues are raised in the Pages listed on the right. Those of you who were not able to participate now have an opportunity to contribute your comments below on these and other issues as you see them, here on-line along with your fellow BCiP members.
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  1. Rodney Harper dit :

    Summary papers of our Study Group discussions covering the credit markets, mid-term prospects for the British economy and the Franco-German-British triangle have now been added as new pages within this discussion forum. It » »s interesting to note that at the time we were debating for example whether Britain » »s being outside the Euro zone would allow it more flexibility in kick-starting it » »s economy into growth ahead of France. To date this does not seem to have been borne out in practice with the Euro zone apparently recovering faster.

  2. ?om?a Suttle dit :

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