British Expatriate Voting Rights

Those of us British expatriates who have been non-resident in the UK for more than 15 years are thereby denied the right to vote in our country of origin, even though we might remain British citizens and the UK our country of domicile for tax purposes.
There is now more encouragement for those who still value this basic human right to vote, however, from the launch of a new website in support of a campaign to enable all British expatriates to be able to participate fully in the political process in their home country, by giving them unrestricted voting rights in national elections.
Click on the above link to browse through the issues of the legal position, how other countries treat the voting rights of their expatriates, the view of the European institutions concerned, British parliamentary discussions on voting rights, media buzz about denying British expats the right to vote and how two concerned British expatriates – James Preston and Harry Shindler – have legal cases on their voting rights before the courts.
All you then have to do on the website is to add your vote to an on-line poll to show your support for this campaign.

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