Leaders`Debate 29 April

Despite the economy being given advanced billing as the main topic of the third and final TV debate, unsurprisingly not one of the three leaders was prepared to specify in any detail the real extent of spending cuts and tax rises required whichever party might be in power after 6th May. However, David Cameron with his message of change after 13 years of disastrous Labour government and the need to differentiate between the economy and `Big State? Labour, maintained the Conservatives` lead over a prime minister trapped by his economic record and forced to acknowledge the difficult trade-offs required in office, such practical aspects not so popular with viewers. Nick Clegg with his more audience appealing `If we do things differently, we can build a better, fairer Britain? also continued to boost the Liberal Democrats in the polls.
Whichever party holds the majority of seats after the election will need a strong mandate to implement the measures required to restore the economy; even a Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition resulting from an otherwise hung parliament is then likely to have the added support from the Country of a clear majority of actual votes cast.

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  1. Rodney Harper dit :

    This final TV debate drew 8.4 million viewers across BBC1, BBC HD, the BBC News Channel and Sky News and represented a 32.4% audience share on the night, despite competition from Coronation Street on ITV1 and Liverpool`s Europa Cup tie going into extra time on Channel 5! It demonstrates the high level of continuing interest generated with the public in this way of presenting the political process of selecting a party or parties to govern the Country.

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