Policies not Personalities.

So there it is ? Vote Clegg Get Brown! ? as far as the Conservatives are concerned, but the bounce in the opinion polls of the Liberal Democrat leader who pushed his way past a perhaps too correct David Cameron for attention, has certainly injected more life into the run-up to the election.
The Conservatives possibly too busy fighting Labour over so-called phoney, efficiency savings and neglecting the Liberal Democrats, have still to consolidate their major ideologically, different policies in the minds of the electorate and particularly The Big Society which has yet to resonate with voters. However, with no real policy details emerging from any of the parties, campaigning has seemingly been reduced to a choice between simple slogans and personalities. Here Nick Clegg unlike the Prime Minister is seen as too similar in background and experience to David Cameron to attack. From the results of the first debate he also appears to appeal more to the younger or first time voter used to interactive, TV reality shows and exchanging instantly formed opinions with their peers via Face book and Twitter.
The next debate between the main party leaders, therefore, which is on foreign affairs, needs to develop somewhat more substance and difference between actual policies and not personalities. Here the Liberal Democrat vote against the Iraq war could stand them in good stead but their policy for further integration (when the time is right) within a European Union, Super State might not play so well with the British public in general.

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