Speech by Prime Minister on ECHR at Council Of Europe

The full text of the 25th January, 2012 speech by Prime Minister David Cameron to the Council of Europe on reforming the European Court of Human Rights(ECHR), can be found here:
On the difficulties faced by the British government in dealing with terrorism e.g. following the decision of the ECHR the previous week to block the deportation to Jordan of the suspected terrorist Abu Qatada, the Court had rather inconveniently for his speech already found in favour of the government on the most important point at issue. It had concluded that diplomatic assurances from Jordan would be sufficient to ensue that the cleric would not be at risk of ill-treatment.
According to Joshua Rozenberg writing in the Law Society Gazette of 26th January, 2012 (UK Courts have misunderstood a fundamental provis Rights Act), if the government had lost on this point it would not have been able to rely on memorandums of understanding with Jordan or other countries.
The point of contention with the British government was the risk that evidence against Abu Qatada had been obtained by torturing witnesses, ensuring any trial he might face unfair the judges concluded.

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