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Dear members and friends of British Conservatives in Paris,

It is once again that I write to you in unfortunately grim circumstances, the UK having been the object of further terrorist outrages. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families, with the brave personnel of the emergency services, not to mention our politicians and lawmakers who bear such a heavy burden of decision. 

On a fortunately lighter note, it is nevertheless my pleasure to invite you to a speaker dinner on the evening of Thursday 15 June. Our guest will be Dr Charles Tannock, MEP for London. Dr Tannock was first elected in 1999 and has been continually re-elected since then, showing how much confidence his electorate have placed in him. He is a very distinguished specialist of foreign affairs and human rights. I am sure he will have a great deal to tell us on those subjects at this crucial juncture.

The dinner will be held at Le Victory, 33 Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 75008 Paris. It will begin at 7.30pm. The cost per head for a three-course meal with apéritif and wine is 40€ for members and 44€ for non-members.

At the beginning of July, we shall be holding a Policy Forum event, chaired by our Vice-Chairman, Paul Thomson. The discussion will review the general political situation faced by Theresa May. It will take the form of a dinner at La Belle Ferronnière restaurant. The exact date will be announced as soon as possible.

Among other forthcoming events, Michael Barker has graciously offered to take us on one of his excellent walking tours, this time of Rouen. For a variety of reasons, we have not yet been able to organise this, but I hope to be able, in concert with Michael, to fill that lacuna.

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I should be delighted to see you at the event on 15 June.

Whether or not you can make it, I hope that a benign Providence keeps you safe and well and trust that you will join with me in wishing all the very best for Theresa May, the Party, its candidates and its numerous workers in the weeks ahead.

Best wishes,

Jeremy Stubbs
Chairman, BCiP
06 88 81 70 94

If you no longer wish to receive these e-mails, please inform me, replying to this e-mail address.

PS The Liberal Party of Australia (the Australian sister to our own Party) has set up a French branch of the Australian Liberals Abroad Federation. If you know of any Australians resident in France who might wish to join, please invite them to contact their Vice-President, Mr Peter Hammond, at


Dinner with speaker Richard Ashworth MEP at La Bastide Odéon on 23rd April, 2015

See photo(s) on our Facebook page  (with thanks to BCiP member George Grosz)

Report by Peter Huggins on Trier visit, 11/13 April, 2014

See photo(s) on our Facebook page

A small group of BCiP members made a rewarding cultural and political visit to Trier from Friday 11th. April until Palm Sunday, 13th. April This was organised by Peter Huggins who knows Trier well and has contacts with the local CDU members.

On Friday afternoon, we visited the Porta Nigra, one of the most important Roman monuments North of the Alps and very mush the symbol of a city which was the Roman capital in the North and West It is remembered for Constantine the Great and his mother, St. Helena.

In the evening, we were invited to a CDU European election rally in Konz, an agreeable outlying suburb of Trier by Frau Simone Thiel, the dynamic MEP candidate for Trier and the region (Eifel/Mosel/Hunsrueck). She welcomed us warmly, introduced us to other local politicians and a visitor from a Luxembourg sister party, Guy Modert, who also came to give his support. The evening was a great success with discussion of the CDU programme in which we joined Christopher Chantrey notably sought support for votes for Britons living abroad. It was also fun, as witnessed by our photo with Frau Thiel It was pleasant to have Mosel wine served at a political meeting.

On Saturday we had a full programme of visits to Roman sights in Trier, the earliest German city in Germany. This included two major sites of thermal baths, the Roemerbruecke, an important early bridge which still has the original Roman piers and the Konstantin basilica., a huge structure partly re-built but to Roman specifications. We had a glance at Karl Marx’ birthplace and absorbed the atmosphere of the Hauptmarkt with all the oldest monuments in Germany – cathedral, market cross and chemist’s shop which was a 12th. Century monastic dispensary. We then relaxed on a Mosel boat trip.

On Saturday evening, we were invited to Sekt by Herr Artur Friedrich, a local CDU member and industrialist who produces fine ceramic tiles. After German Re-unification, he launched several factories in former East Germany, playing his role in the exciting but difficlult re-integration process.. We then had dinner with Frau Thiel which allowed us wide ranging discussions on European Parliament themes. She is a member of the Parliament secretariat and has a particular interest in working with British MEPs.

On Palm Sunday some of us attended the Solemn High Mass at the cathedral with very beautiful organ and choir music. One brave soul, Alex Carroll, ran a personal marathon round Trier and along the Mosel.

Peter Huggins


2017 Programme of Events

June 15 - Speaker dinner with Dr Charles Tannock, MEP at Le Victory, 33 Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 75008 Paris.

July (tba) - Policy forum discussion and dinner at La Belle Ferronnière restaurant.

Forthcoming (tba) - Walking tour of Rouen with Michael Barker.

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In planning - Launch of Coningsby Circle. (see the attached PDF)

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See photos here on our Facebook page from our speaker dinner with Richard Ashworth MEP on 23rd April, 2015 (with special thanks to BCiP member George Grosz) and our 4th December, 2015 dinner with Lord Balfe.

Report on Trier visit, 11/13 April, 2014

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